Cyprus Road Trip: Ayia Napa


When you think of Ayia Napa, you think of hoardes of Europeans falling out of clubs, international DJs and crowded beaches. When we went to Ayia Napa in the middle of November, that was not what we got. It was literally like a ghost town; we could walk in the famous Ayia Napa square and encounter no one apart from closed down shop fronts.

Despite this, it was still sunny and warm during the day so we made the most of this. We spent our two days here lying on the beach, in the spa and lazily dozing in our room with our bellies full of tasty seafood.

Napa Mermaid Hotel

Having walked a fair bit down the strip of hotels in Ayia Napa, I think I can safely conclude that our hotel was the most popular. With a modern look, indoors spa and pool, and a beach opposite, it was like a safe haven for travellers, who like us, weren’t sure what to do in a ghost town. They also serve cocktails for a not-too-shabby price! Mmm…strawberry colada.

Cape Greco

The plus side of turning up in Ayia Napa during off season is that we managed to drive down as far towards the tip of Cape Greco as we could and had it all to ourselves! It was amazing sitting on a huge cliff edge watching the sun go down with literally nothing but waves crashing in the background.

Ocean Basket

We loved this restaurant so much, we went here twice for dinner! A wide variety of seafood and sushi was available, so we went for a bit of both. They also had some funky Mediterranean fusion sushi, which actually tasted a lot better than it sounds! Calamari and tsatsiki sushi anyone?