Cyprus Road Trip: Troodos Mountains


The Troodos mountains was our last big adventure on our road trip. We drove down and up winding roads visiting villages on mountain sides and gawping at chunks of  limestone landscapes.

Caledonian waterfalls

Our first stop was a 3km uphill hike to a beautiful waterfall. The trail wasn’t too strenuous and there were plenty of pretty views of streams on the way. At the top, we were greeted by two cats and a kitten, whom Harpall (the true crazy cat lady) fawned over until we were disturbed by a huge group of tourists. The waterfall was icy cold so we didn’t dare dip into it. Instead we just filmed lots of slo-mo shots of the water (Harpall has made me into a tech geek it seems).


We didn’t have time to go to Kykkos, so we went to this much smaller, but  serene monastery. Within the church, there were beautiful ceiling to floor paintings on the walls. We felt like we should respect the space, so I only quickly snapped one photo for keepsake.

Il Buchetto and traditionalist home style meze

Since this is my last post on Cyprus, I had to mention a couple of other restaurants at the end of our trip. On our return to Paphos for our return flight, we had lunch at a little Italian restaurant under the shade of a beautiful next to Pissouri beach. We had prawn filled ravioli and a prawn risotto with a melon sauce; perfect  Italian lunch.

On our last night we went to the 7 St George’s Tavern, a family-run restaurant that do not have a menu. Instead they serve you mezes steadily over the course of a few hours, encouraging you to just take your time and enjoy the food. They will only stop serving when you ask them to, and as much as I wanted to taste more, we couldn’t go any further after the roast beef! This is a great experience I suggest everyone to go to; just make sure you book in advance!