Messy sour cream pancakes

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Sour Cream Pancakes

Sour cream pancake toppings

It’s been years since I’ve made myself pancakes on a Shrove Tuesday; pancakes for me fit very neatly into the brunch box, and I just can’t be bothered to faff about with batter when I come home from work mid-week. So in honour of an early pancake day and with too much leftover sour cream from making chilli con queso (a recipe for another day), I fiddled with this recipe from Epicurious (what a great name).

Sure, it sounds a bit strange adding sour cream to pancakes, but you really can’t detect any sour element in its taste. It’s a great alternative to buttermilk pancakes (because those pesky buttermilk pots are never in your local shop) and gives a great fluffy, soft texture. And if you don’t already own one, invest in an egg pan, which is the perfect size for pancakes.

Harpall prefers chocolate chips and syrup on his pancakes, whereas I’m a fresh fruit with cream kinda person. But in the end, both of us just whacked on all of the toppings – hot pancake mess tastes amazing.

Sour cream pancakes

Sour cream pancakes

Sour cream pancakes

Messy sour cream pancakes

(serves two people)

115g sour cream
120g milk
1 large egg
2 tbsp melted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
140g plain flour
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
Milk chocolate chips (optional – strongly suggested by Harpall)

1. Whisk together the wet ingredients (from the sour cream down to the vanilla extract).
2. Mix together the dry ingredients and mix in with wet ingredients.
3. On medium heat, coat small pan with melted butter and dollop in 3-4 tbsps of batter for each pancake. Cook for a few minutes on each side and serve hot.

Strawberry compote

250g strawberries – quartered
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice

1. In a pan over medium heat, mix together all the ingredients with a 50mls water. Keep at a low boil until it reaches desired consistency.

Additional suggested toppings

» Warmed maple syrup
» Vanilla heavy cream
» Fresh blueberries / strawberries / raspberries

  • You’re always making such amazing food! I love the look of these but it’s such a pity I can’t have any (lactose alert!!) – I’ll need to find a good dairy free alternative 😉 always super jelly whenever someone posts their pancake shots.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

    • Oh man… maybe that’ll be my next mission for pancakes – lactose free! (sounds hard though!)

  • This looks like an amazing breakfast! Will definitely try this out!